Industries in the park

Valoris’s Eco-industrial Park is home to companies and organizations working in the environmental sector. The Créneau ACCORD des bio-industries environnementales de l’Estrie (Estrie region environmental bio-industries cluster) has moved into our premises and guides industry players seeking to use the park’s infrastructure to develop their technological demonstration projects, while providing technical and financial support.


Englobe has operated a regional biomass processing centre in the Eco-industrial Park since 2001. The centre’s activities include the processing of wood waste, manure, green waste (leaves and grass), food and agri-food waste, paper mill sludge, and municipal and industrial sludge. Englobe processes waste by the static pile composting technique, and its centre can receive about 50 000 tonnes per year.

CRB Innovations

CRB Innovations is a company devoted to developing and marketing technologies in the field of residual biomass conversion, particularly for the co-production of biofuels, molecules, and materials. CRB Innovations operates a biomass conditioning unit, which is its first step in a demonstration project to recover waste rich in biomass: urban biomass waste from the construction, renovation, and demolition (CRD) sector; agricultural waste; and forestry waste. CRB uses, as urban biomass waste, waste wood sorted from the CRD sorting line. The demonstration project aims to recuperate 20 tonnes per week of biomass (CRD as main materials) to convert it into sugars, fibre, tiny molecules, and value-added materials.