Launch of Valoris

Since 2010, the Ville de Sherbrooke and the MRC du Haut-Saint-François have pooled their resources to become co-owners of the site. In doing so, they created the Régie intermunicipale du centre de valorisation des matières résiduelles du Haut-Saint-François et de Sherbrooke, also known as Valoris, whose mission is to recover the region’s waste materials.

Engineered Landfill Site

Following new regulations governing the burying of waste in landfill, the MRC built, in 2009, an engineered landfill site (ELS) to respond to Quebec’s new, stricter standards. The ELS opened in December 2009 and currently receives household, industrial, commercial, and institutional (ICI) waste in addition to construction, renovation, and demolition (CRD) waste from the Estrie and surrounding region. The ELS has its own system for treating leachate waters.


In 1998, GSI Environnement rented space and established facilities for the integrated management of biomass. In pursuing diversified activities on the site, in 2005, the MRC put into operation a sorting and conditioning (bioreactor) test centre as well as a waste landfill cell associated with the test centre.

That same year, a regional ecocentre opened on the site in keeping with the actions foreseen in the MRC’s Residual Materials Management Plan (RMMP). The ecocentre has now moved to chemin du Maine Central, near Valoris.