Land is currently available in our Eco-industrial Park for industries that are interested in processing waste so that it can be recovered.

The Eco-industrial Park has 10 lots varying in size between 35 000 and 240 000 square feet, ready for rapid development. Our Eco-industrial Park is dedicated to waste-recovery and recycling organizations and developers of environmental technologies. The availability of a critical mass of recoverable waste creates the right conditions for developing the concept of an industrial ecology within the perspective of sustainable development.

Distinctive aspects of the Eco-industrial Park

  • Environmental protection zone:
    • Promotion of natural habitats
    • Sustainable management of rain water
    • Maximization of land use
  • Guaranteed supply of raw materials from the Valoris Sorting Centre
  • Rental of certified land ready for construction and factory setup
  • Optional construction of buildings by Valoris according to needs
  • Rental of building space


• Electrical hookup to plants
• Supply of drinking water to facilities
• Supply of industrial water to facilities
• Connection of waste-water drains to the waste-water treatment system
• Snow-clearing service and removal of non-industrial waste
• Fibre-optic network and telephone communication services
• Production and final waste management
• Support for preparing the business project and plant setup


If you are interested by a land in our industrial park, please contact
Jean-Jacques Caron,
Tel.: 819-560-8403 ext. 2914

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