Valoris is a Quebec leader in the sorting and development of waste materials. Located in the Eco-industrial Park in Bury, the Sorting Centre enables the sorting and reuse of more than 60% of materials to reduce landfill.

Valoris offers a new way to manage waste while fostering job creation and regional development.


The goal is to receive and process 100 000 tonnes of waste materials annually from the municipal, industrial, commercial, and institutional (ICI) sectors as well as from construction, renovation, and demolition (CRD) sector.

All materials that can be processed, such as organic material, paper, cardboard, plastic, wood, aggregates, and more, are sorted and directed to recyclers—ideally to companies established in the Valoris Eco-industrial Park in Bury.

Attractive benefits

For client municipalities, this helps improve their performance in reducing waste, for better financial compensation. For industrial partners, this provides raw materials that have been recovered at the sorting centre.

LEEDTM certification

Our 7400-m2 building is LEEDTM certified. We have integrated solar energy, reduced water consumption by 41%, and increased our energy performance by 34%. For more information, see our project specification sheet and our LEEDTM points card.

Creating jobs